Sexual Health Etiquette

Scientific research has proved that sex is the latest strength hymn. Research has proved that ladies and gentlemen who have sex more often are healthier compared to their colleagues who abstain for long durations of time. It is through sexual intercourse that every human being was conceived. It is therefore not a crime in anyway. It is the major issue that has contributed to progression of human beings from one age to the other. It is a basic need for every human being and the driving force behind male and female relationship. Apart from the enjoyment that one derives from sex, there is also keeps an individual in good health. Some of the advantages of sex that would keep an individual in good shape and well include:

1) Sex is one of the most efficient methods of cutting surplus body fats. The vigorous process that is involved during the intercourse usually leads to melting of additional fats which then improves the body organization and keeps off heart related illnesses that are always as a result of extra fats.

2) Cardiovascular illnesses that are usually as a result of excess cholesterol in the body may also be avoided by keeping the amount of cholesterol in the body to the recommended level. During sexual intercourse, a lot of cholesterol are destroyed which is important in maintaining the cholesterol level to the required amount. This will also help avoid heart illnesses.

3) Sexual intercourse also boosts the body resistant against diseases in ladies and gentlemen who does it on a regular basis. It leads to the manufacturer of the anti body known as the Immunoglubin A which helps ladies and gentlemen to fight off diseases and stay free from infections like pneumonia and bronchitis. The body ability to fight off cold is very strong in couples who practice sex on a regular basis than their counterparts who do not.

4) Sexual intercourse also ensures that the body blood pressure is within the allowed limits. Couples who have sex regular do not suffer from pressure related illnesses like the high blood pressure and the low blood pressure. Sexual intercourse also regulates the body minerals to the required amount and this helps in keeping the blood pressure on check.

5) The rate of Atherosclerosis is always very few and far between in people who have the intercourse consistently. Atherosclerosis is usually as a result of the deposition of tablets in blood carrying veins that supply blood to the penis. The situation may always lead to heart problems if not treated early enough. However, sexual intercourse improves the circulation of blood to the whole body thus tablets deposited in the veins that carry blood to the penis can be cleared off. Sexual intercourse therefore enables an individual to live atherosclerosis free life.

6) When one is having sex, the body parts like the thighs, buttocks, pelvic muscles, neck, arms and thorax are usually strained out thus ensuring that the body is kept in first class figure. This has the added advantage of reducing fat related conditions like obesity.

7) Sexual intercourses enhance the release of prolactin which is a hormone responsible for the development of stem cells in an individual’s brain. This will lead to fresh neurons in the part of brain responsible for smell. Thus those who have sex on a regular basis have very sharp sense of smell.

8) It is very uncommon for ladies and gentlemen of have sex on a regular basis to complain of headaches. The body stimulation that normally occur during sexual intercourse leads to high levels of corticosteroids and endorphins that has been proved to prevent headaches on human beings.

9) The amount of blood sugar in an individual’s body may also be controlled by simply having sex on a regular basis. Research has proved that patients suffering from diabetes may reduce the amount of sugar levels in their body by having sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times in every seven days. Intercourse will also help the insulin to perform properly thus maintaining the sugar levels to the recommended amounts.

10) The high levels of oxytocin are always very common amongst the people who are addicted to sexual intercourse. This is important in the manufacture of endorphins that act as pain killers.

It is because of the above reasons that sexual intercourse may be termed as health tune.


One thought on “Sexual Health Etiquette

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