Relationship Etiquette

Will McClelland | April 23, 2012

10 Date Ideas So Cheap She Won’t Notice They’re Cheap

Let’s face it, these days dating can deliver an iron punch to the wallet. And since most women don’t enjoy sneaking into movies through the service entrance or dining and dashing in heels, other solutions are required — cheap solutions. It’s time to get creative with our dates, guys — and not go further into the red — so use what ya got. I recommend making a list of all the resources, places and experiences you have available to you and creating a date drawing on some or all of these things. When I found myself flat broke one summer evening, but with access to a small pickup truck, I took my date — a fiery Nova Scotian beauty named Clare — to a ski resort just outside of town. I cued up one of her favorite songs, pointed the truck straight up the grassy ski hill and hit blastoff. Dinner at the Ritz it was not, but it gave us something to talk about later. The point is, today’s man can show his date he’s a fun and considerate guy without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions.

1- Picnic

All you need for this date is one plaid blanket, two champagne glasses, something to drink and a packed lunch. Throw together whatever sandwiches you can muster, but be a gentleman and bring some strawberries for dessert. Raise a toast with something bubbly — soda water, cream soda, maybe even real champagne — anything that’ll dance in a slender glass.

2- Teach her to drive manual transmission

In my experience, most women who don’t drive stick shift nonetheless wish they knew how. Teaching your date this traditionally “manly” skill will both thrill and empower her — and, psst, Women love men who make them feel empowered. This date can pay off big time, and it costs almost nothing. All you need is access to a manual transmission vehicle (tractor trailers probably not a good idea), an empty parking lot and a bit of patience. Or a lot of patience, as the case may be.


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