Relationship Etiquette – female

A woman needs to know her man respects her opinion. Her man protecting her from intruding family members, prying friends and the society.
A man who will be sensitive to her yearning & her feelings.
One who would not look down on her or judge her over her mistakes.
A man who is humble & who can apologise when he is wrong.
A man who will carry her along with his plans.
– Nhora

A woman wants to know dat she is loved, appreciated, needed. She wants to know that the man will protect her. She wants to know dat he knows where they are going and how they will get there. She wants to see how important their children is to him. She NEEDS to know dat no matter what happens, he will not stop loving her and they will be together thru d good and d bad and this depends on how they resolve their conflicts. When the children come, its harder to leave as they now become a major priority. Couples undergo a change at every major stage of marriage. It takes a commitment to make it work. She needs to know dat he too is committed to go d whole way.
– Dimbo

Every man should have a clear understanding of d importance of a woman, A man is d head of every home while d woman is d neck, and witout d neck, d head cannot stand. Men should be careful when it comes to having a woman ad keeping her cos its actually takes a lot to nurture a woman. Women are totally different fr men. First, women are like egg, men should handle them wit care, men should learn to be patient with any woman they have bcos most times is not what a man expects dt he gets fr a woman, most men always think they should only be respected dt women should be under dem ad as a result of dt miss out when it comes to caring for a woman. Relatnships are designed to multiply,increase, build up ad bring out d best in both men ad women. A man is expected to go extra miles in bringing out d best in a woman he has, not condemning her, abusing ad treating her like she not good, not finding fault in her, Men should be open to a woman, make her understand her worth to him ad traet her with respect. A woman needs praise,dey don’t joke with it, tell her how beautiful she is ad look at all times, Affirmation is very important to a woman, say it to her over ad over again, send her beautiful note just to remind her how much u care abt her. Lastly, Love her, with everything in u, Love is not a feeling bcos even when u don’t feel like, u have to if u really want to keep ur Woman. Buy her gifts , sing it like a song to her, appreciate a woman, be conscious of her emotions, pay attention to her feelings, if she complains abt smthin, take note of it. Ask for d grace of God for direction.


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